Calm has no direction explores the meeting point between stillness and movement.

The project was initially inspired by the poetic Beaufort Wind Scale and its practical pinning down of something so ephemeral and changeable. Ranging from 0 = Calm to 12 = Hurricane, the scale is practical and applied through observation but simultaneously reflects the metaphorical richness of the movement (or absence of movement) of air.

0 = Calm: Description on land: Smoke rises vertically, Description at sea: Sea like a mirror

Using the vitrines as a set of glasshouses and aquariums, each space contains a still environment surrounded by the moving air outside. However, within each vitrine is the potential for movement – a piece of seaweed lifting, a rustle of leaves, a breeze skimming a surface or flowing between elements.

All of the components are constructed in paper and painted with watercolour. This detailed and repetitive process becomes an almost meditative activity and in itself, an exercise in stillness.

shoreline installdetail, windowgrassdetailgrassessponge detailplant detailscalm seas

This work was exhibited at Assembly Point in Southbank, a Creative Spaces managed space. Creative Spaces is a program of Arts Melbourne at the City of Melbourne.