Lift is a series of watercolours that explore connection to place in a changing environment.

For one year I lived in an apartment block in the middle of a city and would often see a range of items floating past my fourth floor window. One of the most intriguing things that regularly drifted by were spider webs, glistening in the sunlight. Whether these were abandoned habitats or a method of finding a new environment, it was the moving of a home from one place to another.

Having recently returned to WA I have been focusing on my local environment as a way of grounding myself back in to this place. Iā€™m interested in how we adjust to an environment and the way we carry elements of our previous habitats with us.

While the works draw from a personal experience of relocation, they also point to broader environmental issues. Through the concept of a lifted or drifting landscape, individual paintings explore changing coastlines and weather patterns, energy sources and concepts of home alongside our considerations of other planets to potentially inhabit.

Showcase Gallery
Central Institute of Technology
14-22 August 2015