Suspended is a project that I am currently working on that responds to the COVID-19 pandemic and the changing sense of movement and stillness in the city. The project draws directly from my experience of living in Melbourne at this time and my observations, photos and videos will inform a series of suspended paper sculpture installations.

Throughout the project I will be posting regular with observations and documentation of the work in progress both here and on Instagram @laujwilliams

This project is supported by the City of Melbourne COVID-19 Arts Grants.



Williams_Laura_Between movements



18 June 2020

Preparing elements



7 MAY 2020

Walking through the city I’ve noticed this dichotomy between things being either loudly OPEN with big signs advertising the fact; or quietly closed. The streets are still except for buildings being busily constructed and tram lines being fixed. Teams in fluoro are cleaning surfaces, branches are being cut down and there are window washers slowly descending down the sides of buildings. I see one plane in the sky and realise how quiet this space has become.

20200505_100805      20200505_095510


5 MAY 2020

I’ve always been drawn to the native grassland ‘hilltop’ circle in Royal Park but even more so now. When the wind hits the grasses, they move in unison like waves, and remind me of a sort of inland sea. The trees around the perimeter also create a flat horizon line which is hard thing to find in the city. At a time when I can’t get to a coastal horizon, this circle of grasses feels like an alternative to that sense of space.

grassland    grassland sketch